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Commercial Services

Does improved comfort, safety, performance and energy efficiency throughout the lifecycle of your project or building sound good to you? We have the solution – design, HVAC maintenance and repair, retrofits, system integrations and even financing options – no matter the type, age or size of the facility.

Equipment downtime and repairs are costly to both your budget and productivity.

Be proactive. Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating uses advanced technology and data to assess equipment condition, compare it to the performance of similar equipment, and make data-driven recommendations on how you can improve equipment performance. This proven approach finds problems before they happen and uncovers opportunities for improvement that save time and money.

  • Predictive services for chillers, fans and pumps, and other equipment
  • Includes vibration analysis and alignment services to identify the root causes of equipment problems and prevent secondary damage
  • Oil analysis detects the presence of contaminants, prevents catastrophic failures and increases equipment reliability
  • Ultrasonic leak testing for compressed air systems, steam traps and pressurized gas systems reduces energy waste and interruptions
  • Provides an objective assessment of asset conditions
  • Measures maintenance strategy effectiveness and reduces overall maintenance costs
  • Mission-critical services performed by trained technical experts, dedicated to reliable building operation and reducing costs

HVAC & Building Automation System Monitoring

  • Building automation and controls
  • HVAC equipment
  • Electrical systems
  • Refrigeration

Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating can monitor all types of equipment and systems in your building for critical alarms or other conditions, and respond with customer-specific protocols. We can enhance this service with remote troubleshooting and diagnostics to get to the root cause of your problems faster and solve them more quickly.

Critical equipment breakdowns always happen at the worst time. HVAC equipment, building controls, and fire safety and security systems are some of the most vital assets in your facility. Sudden failure could mean employees in danger, delayed production and reduced revenue. When it happens, Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating is ready with expert building repair service and support – a partner that responds promptly with experienced, safety-minded technicians who return facilities to normal operating conditions.

Need service now?

Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating offers quick and accurate on-site systems and HVAC repair services and support.

Repairs for chillers, boilers, heating and air conditioning equipment, building automation and more.

  • Solutions built around exact performance requirements.
  • Our service department provides high-quality, cost-effective repairs and replacement parts for most major brands.
  • Telephone support technicians offer assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Mission-critical services performed by trained technical experts, dedicated to reliable building operation.

You know that critical equipment breakdowns don’t plan themselves around your busy schedule. But, when you work with Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating, you can feel safe in knowing that, when these situations do occur, you’ll have fast and easy access to expert repair service and support. We always provide the same level of factory service, regardless of the type of equipment we’re working on or the manufacturer of that equipment.

Need HVAC Service?

Contact the experts at Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating.

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Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating proudly provides HVAC service to Laguna Hills, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, Newport Coast and the surrounding Orange County communities. Visit our service area page for more coverage details, call us at 949-481-0204, or request service online today.