We love our fabulous weather here in Southern California. We get to spend more time outdoors, boating, hiking, or even planning a family picnic.

For the most part, a well-maintained heat pump will keep your home comfortable in San Clemente, CA. But there are the occasional cold spells when you need an added blanket of warmth. That's where dual-fuel systems can help.

What Is a Dual-Fuel System?

A dual-fuel system pairs an air-source heat pump with a high-efficiency furnace. It offers you the best of both worlds in terms of cost savings and comfort.

How does it work? Throughout most of the year, you use the electric heat pump. It gets the job done, lowers your carbon footprint, and keeps you warm when the temperatures dip a little.

But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, fire up the furnace! Switching from the heat pump to the gas furnace can be set on the thermostat or a control system. This hybrid system offers total comfort at a much lower operating cost.

At Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating, you'll always work with a friendly, knowledgeable professional who can recommend practical ways for you to save money on your heating and cooling bills. Our certified team has the training and expertise to get the job done right.

We're a green company that believes in finding environmentally friendly solutions to improve your comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ). Call us today for a free consultation about your next project.

What Are the Advantages of a Dual-Fuel System?

A few of the advantages you'll enjoy with a dual-fuel system include:

  • Maximum efficiency—A gas furnace will heat your home faster. It is your best option when the weather dips below freezing. An electric heat pump works well most of the time but will struggle in below-freezing weather. Combining the two saves you money and maximizes efficiencies.
  • Environmentally friendly—We all want to do our part to preserve our state's natural resources. Using a heat pump for most of the year leads to less pollution and lower carbon emissions.
  • Cost savings—Most homes with a dual-fuel system end up using the heat pump the majority of the time throughout the winter months. Doing so will significantly lower your heating bills.

Dual-Fuel System Installation or Replacement

Did you know that hiring the right contractor to install your HVAC equipment is every bit as important as the brand you choose? At Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating, our technicians receive constant hands-on training to stay up to date with all the latest trends and technology in our industry.

Whether you want to install or replace your old dual-fuel system, call Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating today. We have been helping homes and businesses in San Clemente, CA, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Be sure to ask about our convenient financing options (subject to approved credit) tailored to your budget and needs. Our team knows how to install HVAC equipment so you enjoy the best results and get the most value from your investment.

Dual-Fuel System Repairs

You can count on Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating for all your HVAC repairs. You can always expect up-front pricing and professional service when you call us for help. We promise never to replace a part unless it's necessary—or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings.

Our team is available 24/7 to be there when you need us. 

Dual-Fuel System Maintenance

Protect your investment through planned maintenance. Our 21-point inspections ensure your equipment will receive the care it deserves. Well-maintained HVAC equipment lasts longer and operates more efficiently. Scheduling maintenance is a smart investment.

Be sure to ask about our Maintenance Plans designed to help you get the most value from your dual-fuel system. We created these service agreements to help our customers stay comfortable without having to stress over a broken piece of equipment. Sign up for a plan today! 

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