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How to Reduce AC Energy Usage During Summer

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It’s summertime in California. The team at Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating hopes you find time to relax with friends and family, taking in the beautiful sunny days. On days when it gets a bit too sunny, you can jump in a pool to start reducing your AC energy usage.

AC takes the edge off the hot months—but its energy usage can sneak up on you. Cooling costs comprise about 13 percent of the average family’s energy spending per year, according to ENERGY STAR®. For that reason, many Dana Point customers want tips for reducing cooling costs.

Luckily, there are many quick, easy ways to manage your energy use during the hottest time of the year. Just find a few that work well with your home needs. Then, incorporate them into your daily routine.

Open Some Windows

On milder California days, you can switch off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and open a few windows instead. On hotter days, you can wait until the evening or night when the temperature drops.

BBQ Anyone?

Whenever you make meals using your stovetop or oven, it heats up your kitchen. For this reason, you’re more likely to run your air conditioning unit when you might not need it. Instead, take advantage of your outdoor grill or barbecue.

Put Your Fans to Work

Fans are an excellent way to fill in for your central air system on temperate days. They use considerably less electricity. Place your fans in front of windows or cooler areas of your home like the basement.

Keep Cool in the Shade

Heat gain coming through your windows can rapidly raise the temperature in living areas. You can get some protection from blinds or curtains. Even when your AC is running, you can prevent it from overworking with shade.

Insulate to Stay Cool

Don’t let the cool air get away from you! Gaps in your windows panes, thin walls, and spaces under your doors allow air to escape. That means your AC will need to cycle more to maintain proper temperature. Insulation, door sweeps, and caulk are your friend. You can also have a Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating specialist perform an energy assessment. Using thermal technology, he or she can pinpoint hot spots that need attention.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Programmable and smart thermostats are an effective way to reduce your energy use. You can program slots for off-times during the day, like when you’re asleep or away at work. Smart thermostats use sensors to learn your habits, perfectly balancing comfort and efficiency. Wi-Fi thermostats connect to your smartphone. You can control it from home or away, and receive detailed energy data to help you save.

HVAC Maintenance

Replace your filter each month to avoid ventilation problems that overwork the internal parts. Additionally, schedule seasonal maintenance visits and have your air ducts cleaned when necessary. This will increase the lifespan of your AC system and protect you from surprise breakdowns that need repair.

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