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Are There Alternatives to Air Conditioning Units?

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Ever since the beginning of time, humans have worked to improve their surroundings, and a big part of creature comfort is temperature control. Today, most newer homes in the warmer areas of the United States enjoy the luxury of air conditioning (AC).

Although some homeowners may still get by with open windows, a wide variety of fans, and window AC units, most newer homes in California probably have a central system.

Our team at Phoenix Air Conditioning & Heating wants to introduce you to two lesser known alternatives to central air conditioning systems. These innovative options may be just right for certain areas of your Laguna Hills home.  They might even be an addition to your central air.

SDHV for Unique Homes

An innovative system, called a Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) system, uses small, flexible ducts to heat and cool unusual buildings. If you own a classic Victorian home, a custom modern home or anything in between that’s not conducive to conventional air duct systems, this could be something to consider.

SDHV is perfect for homes with unique construction, limited mechanical space or unusual energy sources like hot water, steam, or radiant heat.

Air Conditioning Ductless Systems

Ductless systems, also know as mini split systems, provide heating and cooling without traditional air ducts. These ductless systems are installed in a wall or ceiling through a small hole for the refrigerant lines, making them very energy efficient. AC-only or both heating and air conditioning are available as a mini-split system.

Ductless mini splits are comprised of an indoor air-handling unit, an outdoor condenser unit with a compressor, and a small insulated connection that houses the condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, and power/communication cable.

You can install a single ductless unit in a home office, addition or spare bedroom while keeping the rest of your home on a central AC system, or you can install multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit to create a truly zoned system for your entire home. Each indoor unit operates on its own thermostat, providing custom temperature control throughout your home.

Benefits of Alternative Air Conditioning Systems

Every system has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the main advantages of alternative cooling systems.

Energy Efficiency. For those considering alternative air conditioning systems, one of the most significant benefits is that you do not require a traditional large metal air duct network. According to the EnergyStar, most homes lose between 20 percent and 30 percent of their energy through their air duct systems due to leaks, poor insulation, and subpar connections. That’s a significant waste of energy and money for most homeowners. Alternative systems that operate without using a traditional air duct system harnesses all the energy produced to cool your home instead.

Cooling on Demand. In the case of ductless air conditioning systems, you can turn on or off your unit as you desire. That means you’ll only be using energy when you actually need it. Linking multiple units together allows a homeowner to create a customized zone control system within an entire home.

Flexible Installation. Alternative cooling systems are excellent for additions, renovations, home offices, attics, basements, or guest rooms. Since these spaces are not used all the time or even very frequently at all, alternative cooling systems allow you to provide comfort only when needed. They are also much more simple to install than a larger central air conditioning system.

Improved Indoor Air Quality. Since ductwork can accumulate dust, dirt and other allergens, you may be able to improve your home’s indoor air quality with these alternative cooling systems. Be sure to clean or change air filters in these systems regularly.

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